Business Plan One-Pager

Business Plan One-Pager or Executive Summary in a professional one-pager layout

Business Plan One-Pager or Executive Summary in a professional one-pager layout

A business plan is a must-have, whether your goal is to start a one-person or a multi-billion business. This easy to use one-page business plan powerpoint template gets you started. This template can also be used as a brief executive summary of your business plan or any other project.

A business plan needs a clear structure and must provide very concise answers to the main questions of your business such as:

Problem to Solve
Which problem are you trying to solve? Identifying and having a good understanding of the problem is crucial before you get started on your business

Mission & Vision
Explain the purpose and direction of your business

Market Analysis
Explain the attractiveness and the dynamics of the market

Competitor Analysis
Identify the main competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses

Customer Segments
Explain the customer groups or businesses that you are aiming to sell your products or services to

Marketing Strategy
Detail the strategy to market the products or services to customers

Business Structure
Explain the of entity you want to form and the overall organizational setup

Key Financials
Summary of the key financial information and financial projections of the future

Of course their are different typ of information and content to explain your business plan in a one-pager form. Please feel free you adjust the categories to your needs.

This Best Practice includes
1 Powerpoint slide, 2 different layouts, 100% editable

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